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UAB „Kintai“ has been working in the fish raising field since 1993, our ponds cover 1000 ha area, we breed and raise carps, pikes, sheatfish, white amurs, crucians, bighead carps, sturgeons etc. We sell live fish and in spring and fall – our own-raised whitebait. Our experienced employees do their work with care and quality, consult regarding fish breeding, raising and care. The company owns 600 ha of production area, more than 300 tons of fish are raised per year, which are available for purchase at major Lithuanian supermarkets.

Cosy, renovated and hospitable UAB „Kintai“ tourism complex „The Blue Carp“ invites you to have a rest and fun in the marvelous seacoast region.

„The Blue Carp“ is situated in the seacoast region, on the bank of Minija river, surrounded by a 1000 ha of ponds – in Kintai, Šilutė district. Wonderful seacoast nature, bird colonies, forests, fish ponds, a river and spectacular sunrises – it is the best relaxation from city noises and uproar.